The Guesthouse "Krone" in Welzheim/Germany

The Guesthouse with the name "Krone" (translated Crown) hat at the time, where Jerg Heinlin was living, the functions of a guesthouse (with the priviliged right to give out food) and of a town hall. The "Krone" burned down in the year 1556, during the time the whole city of Welzheim burned down. 1726 the "Krone" burned down again and was rebuild 1727 or 1730. The ground where the "Krone" was build on and the "Krone" itself were leased out to the Limburger people from the Württemberger people. Krone in Welzheim In the year 1731 the townhall was built in the garden of the "Krone". In the museum of Welzheim you can still see a part of the door which shows a part of the family crest of the Heinle family. This door used to be an entrance door of a basement. The year 1778 (you can see on the family crest) could be a renovation year or a wedding date of Georg Heinlen and Maria Eva Heinlin. The pretzel you can see on the family crest shows, that the owner of the "Krone" also had a bakery. 1975 the "Krone" was almost destroyed after a fire. A couple of plans were made to see, how the "Krone" could be rebuild again. But in the cover of the night Welzheimer citizens destroyed the building completely. The picture above shows, how the "Krone" would have looked like after the renovation.
Ofenstein aus der Krone To bad, that not all citizens understood the historical meaning of this building. According of historical data, the "Krone" was in Heinle family from the year 15xx until 1834. Thesedays you canīt find the Heinle name anymore in Welzheim. The two following pictures show oven stones from the "Krone". The picture above shows us a bakery with a pretzel in his hand and underneath the pictures are the names of Johan Georg Heinlen and Maria Eva Heinlin (the ending "ing" was often used in the womans last name).
Ofenstein aus der Krone These names we see again on the second oven stone from the "Krone". The pretzel is also used as the symbol for a baker. The Crown shows us, that there was a guesthouse with the name "Krone". The presentation of 2 mermaids has no further meaning, since these are figures, which were taking over out of old greek artworks.
Türstein aus der Krone The doorstone you can see on the left picture, shows us the tools of a baker and of course a pretzel. On the left you can see the initials (G for Johan Georg and ME for Maria Eva). On the right you can see 2 times the initials HL, which stand for Heinlen. Above the pretzel you can see the crown as a hint to the guesthouse "Krone".